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Miles Hilton-Barber

Miles Hilton-Barber went blind in his early twenties, but has not let that stop him from achieving his dreams and challenging barriers, he has sought adventure and succeeded on expeditions to deserts, mountains and the polar regions. As a popular after-dinner and corporate speaker, Miles weaves together rich anecdotes and humour with powerful life-lessons he has learnt whilst overcoming his blindness. He reminds his audiences that “attitude is what determines altitude” and that we too can live our dreams, because “the only limits in our lives are those we accept ourselves". He is an exceptional storyteller and corporate motivational speaker whose messages of "never give up", "expect the unexpected" and "think big to achieve big" come wrapped in a package of humour and profound personal insight. 
His presentations are entertaining, motivating and inspirational, sharing with his audiences the things he would want to hear if their roles were reversed. "I want them [the audience] to feel they are looking inside the hearts and minds of the people who worked together as a team, took risks, extended the envelope, and made an impossible dream a reality," he says.
Whether Miles is giving a keynote corporate presentation or an after dinner speech, his humour, timing and use of material is exceptional. He mixes in laughter, telling stories from his own rich experiences as a blind person covering such life-lesson themes as;
•    Dream big to achieve big
•    Expect the Unexpected
•    Never Give Up
•    The Importance of Teamwork
•    Don't let your Past Determine Your Future
•    Facing your fears
•    Taking advantage of adversity
•    Benefiting from failure

Hearing Miles speak is truly inspirational. He is living proof of the old adage "there's no such word as can't". This amazing man is an unparalleled force for motivation and I have every possible respect for his talents as a speaker as well as his incredible personal courage.
Lord David Putnam  - Enigma Productions

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