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(Great Britain) since 1979

John Martin

Liverpudlian John Martin is an outstanding comedy talent, both as a performer and a writer. With a unique ability to tailor his material perfectly to each situation, John is in great demand to entertain at company dinners, where his expertise enables him to weave requested company information into his performances and where, being a writer of topical comedy, his material is always fresh and up-to-date. This originality, coupled with his encyclopaedic knowledge of jokes and his extraordinary gift for ad-lib, makes John a true master of comedy.  He was described in the press as a ‘human joke factory’ when he smashed the World Record for continuous joke telling - an amazing 101 hours 39 minutes!

John’s talents are in demand in corporate and political circles alike: he has performed for the Institute of Directors and at The Houses of Parliament, as well as at both Labour Party and Conservative Party Conference Dinners.

As well as regularly appearing on television himself, John also writes material for top comedians and for major television shows which have included An Audience With Ken Dodd, How Tickled I Am (Ken Dodd), An Audience With Jimmy Tarbuck, Tarbuck Late, Bob Monkhouse Show, Royal Variety Show and The National Lottery Show.

... absolutely brilliant, and up to date as always!                                                     Jimmy Tarbuck

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